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The Affordable Metal Roofing System

All Weather Metal Roofing panels†are the most cost-effective metal tileroofing system on the market. In an easy to handle size, making them ideal for a neat andprofessional installation.

Designed with overlapping and water shedding capabilities, these deep profiled 26 gauge metalpanels dramatically transform any home, cottage or roofing project. Perfect for high-pitched roofsand other difficult-to-reach jobs. This panel is so durable it can withstand Hurricanes and meetsBuilding Code. Each panel covers 4.93 sq feet, includes the overlap.

Everything You Need
Supplying  ridge caps, trims/mouldings and fasteners along with flashings, inclusive of 1x4's and 1x3's for strapping. Everything required for a complete metal-roofing solution.
Vibrant Colours
Our panel is available in several  solid  colours to suit all applications and tastes. We use only the best paint finishes in the industry. Our high quality paint finishes are specifically designed to resist fading in extreme climates with high UV exposure.  
Easy To Manage
Panels are light weight and easy to handlel, 1/3the weight of ordinary shingles. This roofing system is backed by a 40 year transferable warranty. Meets solar reflectance requirements for Energy Star approval. 
Extreme Weather Conditions
Blistering heat, destructive winds, freezing cold,  proven to perform well in"All Weather" conditions. Providing outstanding durability and leak protection.
Snow And Ice Buildup
 These no-grip surface panels combined witht the snow control system guards, proper installation and roof ventilation can alleviate snow and ice buildup even in the harshest Canadian winters.